Railroad Depot

221 N Sangamon

Town founder Jonathon B. Lott had the foresight and political savvy to secure an early rail line’s stop in Gibson City. The Illinois Central Railroad acquired th rail line in 1876, and it became a portion of their main line from Chicago to St. Louis. The original depot was built on two-foot poles, to avoid water intrusion. The existing depot is typical of those built during the 1920s. Having a brick structure, however, was relatively rare as most depots continued to be made of wood. This rail line is now owned by the Canadian National Railroad.

Train Station Agent – Portrayed by Walker Willis

Walker Willis serves as the Instructional Technologist for GCMS Schools where he specializes in teaching students and teachers in effective applications for technology in education. For the last 4 years he has lead student teams in the production of a series of character education videos that touch on topics such as empathy, responsibility and best effort. He lives in Gibson City with his wife and two daughters, all of whom have become active members of the ACT Theatre Company.


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